[Beelzebub] Chapter 187 Thoughts

So I decided to post an entry for this series.  I think this chapter deserves it.

Anyway, Beel is going to nursery school.  Coming along with Oga is Furuichi.  Not really surprised that he came along, given that Furuichi is probably the “normal” part of the group.

That said, that high schooler trying to act “tough” is reminiscent of how the Ishiyama students are.  At least Oga got through him.  Also, congrats to Beel for keeping his cool.  That Raita kid doesn’t deserve Bee’s patience, but he got it.

Hilda being 16?  Didn’t see that coming.  I thought she would be at least 18-19 years in human terms, but 16?  Then what about her little sister?  How old is that person, anyway?

Plus, Beel being 2-years-old?  Didn’t see that coming also.  Thought he would be younger in human terms, but whatever.

I wonder if Himekawa was the one who decided to rebuilt the school?  When I read about that, I thought of Himekawa’s fiancee.  I dunno why, but I did.

Anyway, I think the  next chapter will return back to the Ishiyama High School.  Wonder what new adventure the gang will have in the “new” school?  I think there will be some new adversaries.  Maybe that Aiba (I think that’s him) will go to Ishiyama as a transfer student?  Again, we’ll see in the next chapter.


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