[Noblesse] Chapter 266 Thoughts

Already then, let’s see…

…I’m sorta disappointed by the majority of the chapter.  The beginning focused on Frankenstein’s group returning to the city, and that was just plain boring.  Conversation and all.

I was more interested in the latter part of the chapter.  Learning that the 7th Elder is as strong as Roctis (the muscled guy) and the 5th Elder is a werewolf (the feminine-looking one) is an interesting tidbit.  But the 6th Elder…

I was right!

The 6th Elder is a clan leader traitor!  And he’s the one that killed Seira’s father!!!  That was a sneaky but effective move, 6th Elder!  Proclaiming that to Seira just to anger her and all so that she may end up making a rash move?  Sneaky and effective.

Well, let’s see.  So those two Elders (that old guy and that other one who is always next to him) plus the 6th Elder are all traitors from Lukedonia?  Hmm, what an interesting revelation.

Anyway, I think Seira’s fight against those 3 Elders will be one-sided, but she’ll try to delay them as much as possible so that Frankenstein’s group can arrive as soon as they can to help her.  The next chapter will probably focus on that battle.  Hopefully, there might be some flashback scenes just to make the chapter interesting.  Though there might also be scenes in which Yuri’s team will go to Frankenstein’s house to gather more data, and they might find Raizel’s resting place.  Which I hope not, because that would be just BAD overall.  I already hate Yuri’s team, so giving me more reason to hate him is just…well, I would probably want his character obliterated.

Anyway, until next chapter!


One thought on “[Noblesse] Chapter 266 Thoughts

  1. i haven’t read any chapter of noblesse since chapter 183. i have kind of put it on hiatus. on the other hand i have took MAGICIAN and its entertaining.

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