[Bleach] Chapter 523 Thoughts

I saw this chapter out yesterday, but I had other things come up before I could read it.  Anyway, it was a long break, and I thought I had missed the chapter for some time, but since it is out now…

Both Kenpachi, previous and present, looked good.  The artwork provided by the scanlation group is nice.

The cover page for the chapter is also nice.  Seeing the snowmen and who they each represented is cute.  Kon’s bottom stuck in one of them, hilarious.  And the two bishies, Ichigo and Renji, looked HOTT.  Overall, nice cover page.  Festive, too.

But man, that Asauchi looks oh so freaky.  (Wow, that rhymes.)  Poor guys, having to fight them.

Wow, but Unohana is freaky.  With that hairstyle like that, she looks…different.  Strong and…well, a side that I hadn’t seen before.  Though I will say this, since I had not read all the chapters from this series, I might have missed some details about Unohana.  However, seeing that wound makes me realize that the reason why she has her braided hairstyle could be due to that scar.  As well as the current Kenpachi’s scar, which is probably the result of a previous battle between the two Kenpachi name holders.

But damn, that’s just so freaky.  I mean, learning about Yachiru’s past makes me realize that I prefer her “gentle” persona.  Though I guess, I’ll see the “bad ass” side of Yachiru.  We’ll see.

So what I expect the next chapter to be will be focused on the exciting battle between the Kenpachi name holders.  Yachiru and Zaraki will clash, and I’m not sure who’ll end up the winner.  That and who’ll end up dead, if that happens.  I’m not sure if the whole chapter will focus on the battle, but I hope that there will be a switch in scenes back to what will happen to Ichigo and Renji in their own battle against the Asauchi.  Right now, though, I have a feeling that the whole chapter will be focused on the Yachiru and Zaraki clash.

Lastly, I liked the two artwork at the end of the chapter.  The humor artwork is appreciated!


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