[Naruto] Chapter 616 Thoughts

I saw the chapter was out yesterday, but other things came up before I can read it.  So let’s just move onward to what I think of the chapter…

Oh, damn.  The artwork in the beginning of the chapter touched me.  Particularly the one featuring Neji’s death.  Damn.

Colored pages.  Not sure yet if I liked it or not, given the substance of it.  Well, rather one such detail, but the rest are okay.  (If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, then you don’t know my peeves about this series.  Read my previous posts about this series to figure out what I’m talking about.  If you are interested, that is.)  Why, oh why, is it that the samurai outfit that I’m most partial about is on him?!  Now, Naruto’s outfit isn’t so bad if it wasn’t for that Kyuubi figure; it detracts from the outfit.

Anyway, not really sure if I liked the scene switcharoo or not.  I mean, I wondered how Kishimoto would continue after the touching scene between Hinata and Naruto.  I guess Kishimoto felt that a scene change should be needed and/or he felt that continuing after that bittersweet scene would bring a bad atmosphere in the series.  Thus, the scene change.  Whatever the case, by focusing back on Sasuke’s group shows that he didn’t forget his favorite Uchiha.  (Damn Uchiha…)

However, if I only got a glimpse of what Sasuke is after, and then returning back to the scene with Naruto’s group…well, I’ll just say this: STOP CONFUSING THE HECK OUT OF ME, KISHIMOTO!!!!!  I was all ready to focus on what Sasuke wanted to learn, and then shifting the focus back to Naruto…grrrSTICK TO SOMETHING, KISHIMOTO!!

Now to the good stuff.  I cheer for Naruto since his chakra is felt by Sasuke’s group.  Seeing the younger men’s reactions, even with Sasuke showing his back (and yeah, I believe that even the Uchiha duck-head felt Naruto’s chakra) makes me cheer for Naruto.  Go, Naruto!

Okay, I may be nick-picking (yeah, I am!), but I don’t like how Hinata’s hand looks like in that panel.  It’s the hand holding on to Naruto’s hand.  How it looks like is weird in my view.  Also, that ‘aura’ surrounding Hinata was gone in that other panel.  Just saying.

I love the last interactions between the Yamanaka and Nara parent-offspring relations.  Very touching scenes.

I also love the interactions between Team Gai in their dealings with Neji’s death.  Lee’s reaction is so heartwarming.  Another touching scene in this chapter.

Lastly, Naruto’s speech is also touching.  Very Naruto of him to inspire everyone around them, particularly those that needed to hear them.  Naruto is really a “rock” and the “heart” of the allied forces.  He’s indefinable.  He’s…Naruto.

I’m not really sure what will happen in the next chapter.  I think that the chapter will focus on the continuing battle between the Uchiha villains and the allied forces.  But Kishimoto surprised me in this chapter with that beginning, so I’m not sure that Sasuke won’t make an appearance in the next chapter.  I mean, his own “mission” is still unresolved.

Just before this post ends, I just want to comment about the Nara clan.  Seeing those pointy hairstyles…I think it is a Nara trait.  Banding together to stop the Juubi, along with Ino and the Akimichi clan, strengthens how much the three clans are linked with each other.  Such a team will always be a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, kudos to Kiba’s reaction to Chouji’s “regeneration” in that scene.  Nice humor there amidst such a tense atmosphere.  As well as the humor provided by the scanlation group.  Those were funny artwork there in the end of the chapter.


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