[Silver Spoon] Chapter 65 Thoughts

I said that there will be another post about this series, and I’m here, aren’t I?  Well, at least I’m all caught up with the series.

That said…

Go, Hachiken!  Take your stand!  Hold on to Mikage’s arm to proclaim yourself about this situation!  And look what happens when you do.  See Mikage shed some tear?!  That shows how close you two are now.  So move onward, Hachiken!  Move on!

Eh?!?!?!  Ooh, Mikage.  You sneaky girl, you!  You didn’t continue on with your own proclamation.  Awk-ward.

Crabs.  Crabs, crabs, crabs.  Enough said.

The chapter wasn’t as moving as the previous one, but I wanted to get another post, and since this chapter is out…thus, the shortness of this post.

Anyway, I think that the focus will be about the everyday life of high school, but the Komaba crisis will still be in the forefront.  Or rather, mixed with the daily schedule of high school life.  Hachiken will continue worrying about the Komaba crisis alongside Mikage, but he’ll worry more.  I really think that Hachiken’s brother will save the day.  I just see him doing something.  Maybe not like buying the whole farm, but doing something to alleviate the worries from the Komaba family.  We’ll see in the next chapter.


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