[Ability] Chapter 3 Thoughts

I just wanted to do one more post before my mind gets lethargic, so I decided to focus on this series.  Well, I’m still debating if I should do posts for each chapter or if I should skip some now and then, just like some other series that I comment about.  Still up in the air about that.

Before moving on to what I think about the chapter, I’ll mention that I won’t make any predictions/guesses until I’m caught up with the series.  Until then, I’ll just focus on what I thought about the chapter.

Now, the chapter began with the continuation of the scene in which the protagonist sees that creature.  He really escaped his dangerous situation using his “powers” that he just thought of as his ‘normal’ but quick abilities.  Though returning back to “rescue” the kid is really ‘heroic’ of him.  Also, though it may be cliche, the move that the protagonist did to distract the monster is really good of him.  Nice action that he made there.

Considering the first two chapters, I think this chapter was more action-packed as well as more entertaining for me.  The previous two chapters were boring as heck, so reading this chapter made me regain my faith in the creators.  Or rather, regain my faith in this series.  I hope that there would be more chapters like this rather than the boring chapters that were the first two from this series.  It would really suck if such boring chapters were more in this series than the action-packed that made it more interesting.


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