[Bleach] Chapter 524 Thoughts

The ending of the chapter from that series that is the focus of the previous post perked me up a bit that I wanted to get this post out right now.  Thus, I’ll get this out right now and get the last post (or two, depending on my mood) that I’m going to do later today.

Wow.  Zaraki’s image is appreciated more by me than Yachiru’s creepy one.  Though both artwork are still great, which are provided by the scanlation group.  Nice work, scanlation group!

At first, I was confused as to who the people were in the beginning of the chapter.  It took me a while to figure out who they were.  Which meant flipping through the pages to see what the situation was.  But anyway, it finally clicked and I realized that the two figures were the lieutenants from Yachiru’s and Zaraki’s divisions.  The grim atmosphere shows how dangerous the situation really is.

Wow, but the battle is fierce.  Zaraki and Yachiru are really fighting their all in their battle against each other.  Yachiru’s calm expression is more freaky than Zaraki’s fierce one.  It seemed as if Zaraki is weaker, but then…well, I’m sorta confused by it, too.  Hopefully, that will be explained in the next chapter.

I see the next chapter as the continuation of this fight between the two Kenpachi fighters.  I also see some flashback scenes in which Unohana’s sin will be revealed.  Not really sure what that is, but hopefully it will explain the confusion in this chapter.


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