[Naruto] Chapter 617 Thoughts

I wanted a clearer mind when I read this chapter, so when this post is published, it will be when I’m truly ‘awake’ to appreciate it.

Anyway, I appreciated the two artwork in the beginning of the chapter.  Team Hawk wasn’t a bad one, though I liked Kakashi’s much more.  But both artwork were great, so kudos to the scanlation group for providing them with the chapter.

So heartwarming!  I liked the Neji flashbacks that Lee was having.  It showed a good side of Neji before his lost to Naruto as well as afterwards.  It also showed how close the teammates of Team Gai are together.  Thus, when Naruto gave Lee some chakra, seeing Lee’s determined look makes me proud for him as well as having bittersweet feelings due to Neji’s passing.

Bravo, Naruto!  Bravo!!

Naruto got praised from Kurama!  And it is linked to MinaKushi, too!  Kurama acknowledged that Naruto surpassed his parents, so I’m cheering about that!  Truly, Naruto is his parents’ progeny!  Rather, Naruto surpassed his parents’ expectations!!  As well as Kurama’s!!!  Ah, so awesome for him!

Also, I want to acknowledge the Nara genius IQ.  Thank you, Shikaku!!  Without you, this advantageous move that you came up with really wouldn’t have come into fruition.  Also, thanks to Kakashi for that flashback scene!  Without it, the idea wouldn’t have been explained as well to the readers.  Linking it with Kakashi’s use of the ‘Kamui’ technique really makes it more understandable to the readers.  At least, that is what I think.

Okay, what gives, Kishimoto?!  That panel showing the “powered-up” allied forces doesn’t show Hinata with them.  Some other familiar characters aren’t in the panel, but I don’t care about that.  All I care about is that Hinata isn’t in that panel.  Grrr.  Shame on you, Kishimoto!  For shame!!!!!

Wow.  Just WOW.

I may still not like that panel omission, but Kishimoto, I WILL applaud you in incorporating Neji’s “Will” throughout this chapter.  I mean, having the allied forces make that move with the silhouette of that bird (not really sure if it is a hawk or a falcon or something, so I’ll just leave it as a bird) commemorates Neji so WELL in this chapter.  For that saving grace, I’ll lessen my ire about that panel omission.

Way the go, Hinata!!!!!

Okay, Kishimoto, you again get a saving grace from me.  My grudge about the panel is still there, and I won’t forget about it, but I’ll forgive you some more since you brought Hinata back to the forefront, in a way.  Helping Naruto with his dislocated shoulder, instead of Sakura (who is a medic) brings a smile to my face.

SEE ==>  ^__^

Truly, NaruHina is a CANON pairing.  TRULY.


Congratulations, Shinobi Allied Forces!!

The concentrated effort by all the allied forces in alienating the Uchiha villains from the Juubi is a GREAT move.  Take that, Uchiha villains!

As for the ending of the chapter, it seems that the next chapter will focus on Sasuke’s team now.  It sucks but I guess it is an effective move by Kishimoto for retaining the suspense of the battle between the allied forces and the Uchiha villains, as well as focusing on Sasuke’s quest in attaining answers.  Thus, the focus for the next chapter will be on Sasuke’s team.  I guess it is a necessary thing, since Sasuke’s quest is a loose end that need to be resolved, before focusing back towards the huge battle between the Uchiha villains and the allied forces.  It is a necessary change, but I still don’t like it.  I’m really starting to agree with some fans that Kishimoto probably loves Sasuke so much that the duck-butt needs his own quest in the series.  Stupid Sas-gay.

Lastly, the two humor artwork is funny.  Not as funny as some other artwork in some previous chapters, but funny in its own way.  Liked the first humor one better than the second one (though seeing the “brain” of Naruto isn’t so bad, though I would have changed some of panels).  Again, thanks to the scanlation group for providing them with the chapter.


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