[Noblesse] Chapter 268 Thoughts

I decided to get everything in one go.  However, this one will be out earlier than the rest of the posts that I will be doing today.  Anyway, let’s just move onward.

I see the humor in the chapter.  I do.  I’m just not responding to it as usual.  But it was a nice effort made by the creators.

I thought I was hallucinating, or that my memory was faulty.  But seeing Seira on that island–I was right that she was training with the RK-4.  I had changed it from RK-5 when I saw Seira along with the RK-4, but I thought I was wrong about seeing her with them.  Well, at least I stand corrected about that.  Glad that Seira got to train, though.

Go, Seira!  You go girl!

Just had to applaud the Seira’s fighting against the Elder.  She’s able to counterattack quite well after calming down.  Frankenstein really helped her with her training.  Kudos to both of them.

Though it was nice to see the situation that the RK-4 has to handle, I really felt that it was unnecessary for this chapter.  I rather have a continuing focus on Seira’s battle against the 3 Elders rather than a shift in focus towards another event.  Though I guess I understand why such a break is necessary.  I may understand the reasoning, but I still don’t like it.

Oh, so the traitor knows Frankenstein?  Well, not really surprising, given that Frankenstein had fought against clan leaders before the betrayal occurred.  Thus, not really a shock, but still a great surprise, in a way.  I mean, seeing that traitor’s reaction to seeing Frankenstein saving Seira really makes my day.  It really cheered me up about this chapter.  Makes the whole ending better than the rest of the chapter, actually.

Well, I’m not really sure about how the next chapter will begin.  I mean, I can see Frankenstein glaring at the 3 Elders as the start of the next chapter.  But I can also see the focus of the next chapter got to the RK-4 situation.  Though I’m leaning more on the glaring Frankenstein as the beginning of the next chapter.  And I wouldn’t really be surprised if the focus is between Frankenstein’s battle and the RK-4 situation in the next chapter.  Sort of like what happened in this chapter.


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