[Gayle Callen] A Most Scandalous Engagement

A Most Scandalous Engagement

by Gayle Callen

Reviewed by Era-hime

I liked the first book of this series.  This second book, not so much.

I understand that this is one way that Peter had reacted with his guilt.  But I disapprove of his “recent rake-ish” ways.  I guess I’m not understanding enough about it, nor do I “love” him as Elizabeth does.  I’m really thankful that Elizabeth loves him.  I do feel that Peter deserves to be loved and forgiven, especially as he loves and forgives Elizabeth.  It is just my own preference that I didn’t “click” with Peter, in this book as well as in the previous book.  Since I hadn’t read Matthew’s and Emily’s book, where Peter does play a part, I probably won’t mind Peter’s existence in that book.  However…Peter didn’t grab me as much as Leo and Julian.  I guess, when I read the first book of this trilogy, I felt that there was ‘something’ in Peter that didn’t grab my attention as much has his two friends.  I don”t mind ‘noble gentleman’ types at all.  But I do disapprove of those gentleman taking a turn for the “worst,” as in the case of Peter’s guilt turning him towards ‘women of questionable repute.’  Leo Wade, as mentioned in the first book, has already been dubbed as a “true rake” so I already know his type and expected him to have these ‘rakish’ ways.  As for Julian…well, I read his book and his character made me respect him.  Thus, out of the three friends, Julian is at the top and Peter at the bottom.  Still unknown what I think about Leo, though.  I do have Leo’s brother’s book, but I hadn’t read that yet, either.  Thus, Leo’s character will have to be dissected when his book comes out later this year.

Now for Elizabeth…she wasn’t so bad.  I felt that she ‘acted’ her age, yet retain some maturity.  Though I think I liked her younger cousin, Rebecca, a lot more.  I’ll put that up to the book, though.

I did like the secondary characters, especially Mary Anne Derby and her troubles.  I liked the possibility of her with Lord Thomas Wythorne, and I hope that their courtship is fruitful.

I will say that I’m being confused as to who the model is of that painting.  I think all three women are, but I’m not sure how it all comes together.  Again, I have to wait for the last book of this trilogy to be out later this year.

Overall, the trilogy isn’t so bad.  I may not have enjoyed the second book as much, but I’m still eager to finish reading the trilogy.


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