[Noblesse] Chapter 269 Thoughts

I decided to get this one over with before the others come out.  If I waited just like last time, I’ll be bogged down from the whole thing.  Thus, I’ll get this out now before that happens.

Why, M-21?!  Why?!?!?!  Why can’t you see what I see?!?!?!  Damn it, I wish that M-21 can figure it all out soon.  Sheesh.  When I saw the meeting between Mark and M-21, I just wanted M-21 to pounce on that Mark and strangle him.  Damn spy.

Though I will say…the RK-4 did really well in distracting Yuri’s group and saving the high school human friends.  Nice job there, RK-4!!!!

Okay, though the conversation between Frankenstein and the 3 U.E. (which is for “Union Elders”) is boring, I did like that humor scene in which Seira, who regained conscious, reacted to Frankenstein’s proclamation of not able to control himself.  Her reaction!!  Ah, the humor is still there.

But Frankenstein!  You are really fighting well against the 3 U.E., especially when you got close to them.  That move rocked!


The Kerrutia clan leader made his move!  It’s so good to see him!

Which reminds me about his younger brother.  Where the heck is that one anyway?!  I hope that kid (he looks like one) isn’t with the Union.  If he is…well, I’m in the move of strangulation.  Yeah, I’ll strangle that one, too, for his stupidity if he went to the Union.  Damn brat.

Though I’m pretty sure that Seira may help the Frankenstein and the Kerrutia C.L. (which stands for “Clan Leader”) at some point in time, I hope that the two blondies can stand their own against the 3 U.E. in the next chapter.  The action in this chapter is nice, so I hope that the action in the next chapter will be at least in the same caliber or more.  And if the creators does it the same way in the next chapter as they did here, in which the scenes changed after a pivotal point, then I hope that the battle in the next chapter will switch scenes after a pivotal point, too.  Because I wasn’t really that disappointed in the whole chapter.  I may not had enjoyed the first half of it, but it was still okay.


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