[Nora Roberts] Savor The Moment

Savor The Moment

By Nora Roberts

Reviewed by Era-hime

This is the third installment in the Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts.  I had taken a break due to the book not being available at the library until this month; however, I decided to get my own copy since I plan to collect all four volumes because I like this series.  Ms. Roberts has created an entertaining and romantic series featuring the wedding industry.  The first book focused on photography, the second book focused on flowers, and the this book features the wedding cake.  The last book, which ends the series, will be focused on the wedding planning aspect of a wedding.

Laurel McBane is the Icing of Vows, shepherding the desserts portion of the wedding, focusing primarily on the wedding cakes.  She is a blonde, blue-eyed woman who shares her living quarters with Parker Brown,one of her best friends, though each have their own portions of the main estate that encompassed the Vows headquarters.  For a long time, she had a crush on Delaney Brown, Parker’s older brother, who is a lawyer and co-owner of the Brown establishment.  Laurel had kept her feelings to herself for a long time, until one night she decided to change their relationship by kissing him.

Delaney Brown has been the ‘overprotective’ brother of the four friends, which included his younger sister.  For some time, he had noticed that one of his sister’s friends is an attractive woman, and when she kissed him, it changed their relationship.  This dark-haired, blue-eyed lawyer isn’t afraid to test the waters, and so this turn of events is a welcome change to see how compatible he is with Laurel.

I liked Delaney.  He is an overprotective brother, but Parker held her own, especially when Delaney decided to do mess a little with Parker’s personal life.   I felt more ‘connected” to Delaney than to Parker, so that’s why I liked the hero more than the heroine.

Thus, the book has a nice story.  I liked this one a tad better than the second installment in the series, though the first one is still my favorite out of the quartet.  I still have the last one to read, so I’ll see if the ranking of the quartet changes or not.


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