[Naruto] Chapter 618 Thoughts

(Just wanted to comment that I was the FIRST one to read the chapter in one of the sites that host such series online.  Just saying.)

Wow.  I didn’t expect to see this chapter out so early.  Well, since it is out already, might as well get my commentary about the chapter over and done with.  With the way that chapter schedule is, I’m pretty sure that the other series will have that other chapter from that other series from the same magazine.

Anyway, the two artworks provided by the scanlation group before the beginning of the chapter are awesome!  I liked the second one the best, since it featured the first four Hokages.  Too bad Tsunade wasn’t part of the group.  At least she was in the first artwork, though.

So the chapter began with Sasuke’s group.  Not really surprised about that, given how the last chapter ended.  But damn, how the chapter began in that place sure is creepy.  Seriously, if I wasn’t all caught up with the chapter title, I would skip the beginning and move on.  Alas, it is imperative that such a journey Sasuke’s group is going through needs that introduction to the chapter.  So I’ll drudge onward.

Well, duh, Sasuke.  Aren’t you stating the obvious?  So you noticed how Konoha has changed.  I guess someone out there will probably “color” the double panel sight of Sasuke saying this obvious phrase, given how some readers out there are fans of this Uchiha emo prince.  But I guess he wasn’t told (or didn’t care about it) about how the village got destroyed.  Noticing the “changes” right now isn’t really something to be stated.  Stupid Uchiha.

I can’t believe that Uchiha stone tablet is still there.  Damn village don’t care about “cleaning up” the Uchiha place.  I guess the whole Uchiha image is still sorta “clean”, even though the Uchiha bastards (I’m adding Sasuke in that because I still think he deserves to be called one) are eminent right now.  Damn Uchiha villains for ruining my Uchiha image.

Okay, before I move onward in Orochimaru’s explanation about summoning the Shinigami, I want to focus on the mask.  The ‘Shinigami’ mask that was inside the UZUMAKI CLAN’S MASK TEMPLE that was OUTSIDE THE VILLAGE!

I’m M-A-D MAD!  Darn tootin’ MAD about this “stolen” item.  I’m upset about how Uzumaki Naruto probably doesn’t know about such a place.  I may have read a lot of fanfiction in which the villagers don’t know about the Uzumaki clan Konoha history, but I’m pretty sure that said history isn’t mentioned a lot or taught a lot in the Konoha Academy.  Maybe briefly mention the clan, but not a lot.  I mean, if it was mentioned prominently in Iruka’s lessons, I would think that Naruto would at least have a little comfort about feeling like he “belonged” in Konha, even probably lessening the lonely feelings he was getting in his childhood from the majority of the villagers.  Not mentioning that to Naruto or at least providing some tidbits about the Uzumaki clan to him is a major mistake that the Sandaime Hokage should have given to Naruto.  Bad form there, Hiruzen.  I get it that Naruto may not be physically abused by the villagers, which your law prohibited, but not given some small comfort to Naruto about the Uzumaki clan…well, I’m ashamed of your faults, Hiruzen.  I had already factored your old age and some other things to support you, but for the most part, I’m in Naruto’s side.  For shame, Hiruzen Sarutobi!  For shame!!

Before I move onward to the rest of the chapter, I want to comment about Orochimaru’s statement of the three young men not being ‘Snakes’ anymore.  I felt a tad of a “good” vibe from that statement.  I still have him in that other list (along with Madara and Tobi and…), but seeing this scene in which he seems like a ‘teacher’ makes me remember that in a way, he is a good teacher in some aspects.  Not all, but in some.  So him not making a move to suggest obliterating the village is one of a very few “good” points this man has.  And those “good” points are not a lot, I tell you.

Well, s***.

Summoning those four!

WELL, S***!

That was my reaction when I read that part.  I didn’t really have a clue as to who the ‘four’ that Sasuke was talking about, but reading that it is the first four Hokages–!  Well, not a good reaction from me.

Oh, and before I forget, I liked Suigetsu’s reaction in that flashback scene.  Hilarious!  Typical reaction of him, too!  Ah, thank you, Suigetsu!  You really provided some much-needed humor in this chapter.

Okay, Orochimaru, much as I enjoyed my “guilty pleasure” of reading your character in some fanfiction types, I really want to say this to you:

F**k you.

Yes, that’s right.


“Acquiring” the four’s DNA…I want to seriously STRANGLE you.  Why can’t you let them rest in peace, you stupid snake!  Why?!?!?!  My enmity about you stands strong, even with that “soft” side you had earlier in this chapter.  You just reiterated how much I DESPISE you.

That said, I’m also feeling a tad upset about the Uzumaki clan for having said masks.  If the clan didn’t have them, then Orochimaru wouldn’t have gotten his arms back nor can he summon the previous four Hokages.  Not really sure what will happen now that Orochimaru has merged with one of the Zetsu clones that was “watching” Sasuke, but I’m pretty sure that Orochimaru is not out of the picture yet.

That said, I didn’t really expect to see Hiruzen being the shortest out of the bunch, though it only looks like that in the last double pages of the chapter.  Just some observation from my part.

Anyway, I see the whole next chapter to be focused on Sasuke’s group and the four Hokages.  I see a lot of explanation going on, with Sasuke wanting answers from the four Hokages.  I’m wary about it, given that what I may read will not make the Yondaime Hokage look good, given what his information will be told to Sasuke.  Not to say that maybe the Senju brothers will probably give some biased information, since they had been rivals with the Uchiha clan (especially Madara), but I’m more worried about what the Yondaime Hokage will provide about the Uchiha clan.  I truly want to have a ‘good’ image of the Yondaime Hokage since he is Naruto’s father.  (As you can see, I’m more understanding about what he did to his son, even though I still don’t like him for doing it.  But I’m more forgivable of that action, due to the snippets of him with Kushina, his students, Jiraiya, and Naruto.  Thus, my trepidation about what I’ll learn in the next chapter.)  So basically the whole chapter will focus on Sasuke’s group.

I may forgive Kishimoto a tad for bringing back the four Hokages.  I had heard online that Kishimoto has a “soft spot” for Sasuke, so having the focus on Sasuke’s group was unavoidable.  If it wasn’t for the four Hokages (especially the Yondaime), I wouldn’t have cared about Sasuke’s own journey.  However, I’ll forgive the creator for this focus on Sasuke just because of the Hokages.

Lastly, I didn’t mind the humor artwork provided by the scanlation group at the end of the chapter.  I enjoyed the artwork at the beginning of the chapter better than the humor ones, but it was okay, I guess.

(Wow.  I’m in a mood to post a long one.  This is, by far, my LONGEST post for a manga series.  I think I beat my previous record.  But just WOW.)


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