[Beelzebub] Chapter 190 Thoughts

Something in this chapter caught my attention.  Thus, this post is about it.

This chapter introduced the “6 Upstarts” that Oga’s team must battle.  The “upstarts” are aiming for the top of Ishiyama.  I thought there was only three that Oga must face, but it seems that there are six of them.  I don’t really think that Oga will face all six of them, but maybe I’m wrong about it.  I mean, there are still some of the lesser-tiered members of the six’s groups, so I guess the rest of Oga’s team (not sure about Furuichi, though) will face against them.  Aoi is already facing her own opponent/rival, so I’m pretty sure Oga’s team will face against the six’s groups.

Now I wonder who paid for the rebuilding of Ishiyama?  There are two obvious options, though I don’t want to stick on one.  I really want to know!

That aside, I’m rooting for Oga to kick some ass.  I mean, I hope that when he gets “beaten”, he gets up and gets stronger from it all.  Not really sure what will happen in the next chapter, or if Oga will face the three opponents that wants to beat him up, and there are other fights that are cropping up around the school, so I’m not really sure what the chapter will be focused on.  However, I hope the typical humor will be intact in the next chapter.

Oh, and the highlight of this chapter is Beel.  Beel drawing those lines on Nasu’s face, in commemoration of a character from another series, is the highlight of this chapter.  You should read it to see it.  You must!


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