[Noblesse] Chapter 270 Thoughts

Wow.  Didn’t really expect this chapter to be out yesterday.  But since it is out, might as well get my commentary done and over with.

Sorta got confused as to whom Frankenstein and his temporary partner are talking about.  I’m not going to peruse previous chapters to figure out what they were talking about, so in all likelihood that part is just boring to me.  Though I will admit, it is nice to have the focus of this chapter begin with Frankenstein and his blond partner.

That Kertia C.L. is awesome.  Having the focus on him fighting against that Union Elder makes the C.L. look hot and cool.  Nice work, Kertia C.L.

I can dimly see some of the typical humor in this chapter, though not that much.  Otherwise, the main focus and genre of this chapter is the action from the battle.

Though the majority is focused on Frankenstein’s battle, the chapter did shift to the RK-4.  It was nice to have the ending of the chapter turn to RK-4’s situation.  Which leads me to thinking that the next chapter will start with RK-4’s situation.  I’m pretty sure that the chapter may end up changing scenes towards Frankenstein’s battle, just like how this chapter turned out.  But the chapter could focus on one battle only.


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