[Beelzebub] Chapter 191 Thoughts

I didn’t expect to like this chapter as much, but I felt it deserved some commentary from me.

Now I’m getting curious as to how strong Nasu really is.  His band is strong, so I’m pretty sure that he is stronger than them, though as a whole, the group is mighty strong.

I’m getting worried for Oga’s team.  If they want to survive the school year, they must fight against some mighty strong groups, some of which hadn’t truly made their debuts yet.  Yeah, they were mentioned before, but only given the basic introduction to the readers.  They hadn’t really introduced themselves to Oga yet.

Also, I’m more worried for Oga.  Nasu wanting to steal Beel from Oga?!  Now I want Oga to get stronger so that the three opponents from his dream won’t steal Beel from him.  Truly, Oga’s dream is worrisome.

The highlight of this chapter is Beel.  His actions, or should I say mimicry, is hilarious!  Nice to see Beel in action!

Lastly, I think that the next chapter will either be focused on Kunieda’s and Toujou’s battles or it will be on Oga in his classroom after the confrontation with Nasu and the two others.  Also, I’m pretty sure that the school will get destroyed again, if what I see from this glimpse of Oga’s opponents will be.  The newcomers will bring Ishiyama’s destruction of the school.  I just feel it!


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