[Naruto] Chapter 619 Thoughts

It’s out and I’ll get right down to it, shall I?

First of, great job for providing two excellent artwork, scanlation group!  I appreciated both pair of brothers.  Though the Senju brothers were better than the Uchiha brothers.

You know, it seems like Hiruzen is the shortest of the four Hokages.  I think it may be due to his old age when he died, though I could be wrong on that account.  As for which one is the tallest Hokage, I’m not really sure.  I’m leaning more to the Shodaime Hokage, though.

As for the youngest Hokage, it seems that Minato is still the one who has the label.  Hiruzen is the oldest, which isn’t really surprising.  I think that the Shodaime Hokage died younger than the Nidame Hokage, from the looks of it.  And now, I don’t mean that the Shodaime died first, which I already know.  What I meant was that in physique-wise, the Shodaime Hokage died first, while his younger brother grew older for some years until he also died.  And this paragraph pertains to physique age, not the year they died.  Physique age and the age each Hokage was when they died.

Anyway, I found it a little funny that the first two Hokages were asking who Minato was as well as the scene after that question.  That’s to be expected, right?  But I found the humor in that scene.  Seeing the Shodaime’s reaction to Minato and all was amusing, to say the least.  Sasuke, Juugo, and Suigetsu just watching the scene in that panel is also amusing to me.

Okay, I should say that the Shodaime is HILARIOUS!  Simply, his character was not what I expected.  Then again, the first time he was summoned by Orochimaru he couldn’t really interact a lot, so seeing this side of the Shodaime is just so funny!  And teaching Tsunade how to gamble?!?!  Yup, I can’t wait to see how the anime version of this scene will be.  It would be nice to have this scene in action.

You know, I dimly remembered reading this fanfiction in which the personalities of the Senju brothers were…different.  I would have thought that the Shodaime would be more serious, but it seems that the Nidaime has that personality.  And the Shodaime having a relaxed personality…yeah, I agree with Suigetsu.  I didn’t imagine the Shodaime acting like how he is in this chapter.

So the “Itachi-is-a-spy-for-Konoha-and-infiltrates-Akatsuki” plot is correct.  I wasn’t really expecting that, but it really isn’t a surprise for me, given how such a plot has been used a lot in the fanfiction world.  But seeing how Itachi was as a child in those flashback scenes is nice.  I like it.  Though seeing Sasuke’s expression when he learned about his brother’s mission…I sorta feel bad for him in respect for his brotherly love, but his expression makes him look “ugly”?  Just the drawing, mind you, not the intent.

Man, the Nidaime Hokage is harsh.  Not that I can blame him, seeing that he sorta reminds me of similar personalities like Hiashi, Neji, and some others, but he doesn’t endear himself to me that much.  But he’s answering some questions about the Uchiha clan, and in some respect the Senju clan as well, so I’ll leave his stoic personality alone.

Wow, I didn’t see that coming.  The locking of emotions?  The Sharingan as a consequence of said locking up?  That’s another way of seeing it, but still…I don’t like it.  I guess it makes the whole Uchiha clan more “humane” but the subsequent actions of the Uchiha villains and Sasuke-tard makes me want to give the Uchiha clan a kick in their a**es!  Guess Kishimoto really adore his his Uchiha after all.  Damn Uchiha.

So does that mean that Tobi isn’t redeemable?  Must Naruto and company kill Tobi?  Given how powerful Tobi is right now, does it mean that Tobi is un-redeemable?  Just like how Sasuke is right now?  Hmm, how will this go in the future?  Hm…

Okay, now I remember!  Tobirama/Nidaime reminds me of Danzo!  And Hashirama/Shodaime reminds me of Hiruzen in respect to how the the brothers interact the same in some ways like Hiruzen and Danzo did before their deaths.  I think Tobirama’s philosophy is similar to Danzo’s, which makes me feel sad since I really don’t want to hate Tobirama, but I’m getting towards that dislike stage right now because of the similar philosophy that Tobirama and Danzo shared.

And what the heck?!  After the first several pages of the chapter, the focus turned to the Senju brothers and Hiruzen?!  Why hadn’t Minato be able to contribute something about the Uchiha clan in this chapter?  Will I get to see him get his time to “shine” in the next chapter?  Seriously, I’m disappointed that Minato didn’t get to speak afterwards.  That’s just sad.

I already expected Juugo to be silent, so I’m not going to say I’m disappointed that he didn’t get any screen time for himself for the rest of the chapter.  I expected Orochimaru to make his contribution in the chapter, so I wasn’t angry with his scenes.  Suigetsu, being the comedic relief that he is, has more screen time than Juugo, but I didn’t mind that since I like Suigetsu’s comedic relief.  And Sasuke is critical in this chapter.  ‘Nough said about him.

I didn’t expect the Uchiha explanation to be long, so I hope that it ends in the next chapter.  If not, I hope that one more chapter will be enough to explain the Uchiha thing, but I’m not putting too much hope on the explanation ending within two chapters.  But I do hope that in the next chapter, Minato will make his contribution about the Uchiha clan.  He needs some screen time.

Lastly, the images after the chapter wasn’t so bad.  I liked the last one, in which the Rookie 12 were with Pokemon characters.  That one was nice.  So kudos to the scanlation group for that!  Well, the particular scanlation group from the site that I read the chapter at.

[Another long post from me.  Yay!  But don’t expect it to happen a lot, though.  I’m only doing this due to the interesting contents from chapters that caught my pique.]


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