[Bleach] Chapter 527 Thoughts

Nice artwork at the beginning, scanlation group!  Very nice, indeed.

The colored chapter image for the chapter is nice.  Again, I can’t help but repeat “riveting” in this chapter, but especially about Yachiru.  Yachiru is “riveting” and I’m sticking to that.

Now let’s stop and focus on Zaraki defeating Yachiru.  Was I surprised that Zaraki won?  Not really.  I think that, with the previous chapters supporting it, that Zaraki is stronger than Yachiru and rightly deserves the Kenpachi name.  However, I didn’t like how such a revelation had to end that way.  It just felt…weak, in a way.  I wish that the end of that battle was…stronger.  Can’t really explain it, just that I didn’t like how the battle ended.

Now for the good stuff that I did like about this battle’s conclusion.  I liked how the “friends” that Yachiru mentioned that Zaraki has featured Renji, Ichigo, and Byakuya.  Those three I can see as fitting the “friends” that Zaraki has to argue with.  Also, I liked how Yachiru knew about that “partner” of Zaraki, though it had to be done with her death to have that “partner” appear.

Why am I not so “moved” by Yachiru’s death?  Given that I really don’t know that character, nor did I “clicked” with her, I’m not really sad about her death.  From the recent chapters, I admire and respect her, but she’s still not a fave of mine.  I’ll be more upset if Byakuya had truly died, but he didn’t.  Just to let you know about what characters are my faves and others who are just there.

As for switching back to Renji and Ichigo after that intense battle between Zaraki and Yachiru…well, I’m not upset over it.  Seeing that Renji completed the certain stop first while Ichigo is still struggling over it is also not shocking.  I think that Ichigo has more power and other stuff working against him in completing this stop/goal.  Plus, Renji has worked with similar training before, so he’s more able to complete this goal/stop/etc.  Thus, not a surprise to me.

So the next chapter, I think, will be all about Ichigo’s background.  I hope.  I mean, I think it is high time that Ichigo’s “roots” should be known to him and readers like me.  So the next chapter will show the beginning of Ichigo’s background, and I say that it is only the beginning since I don’t think it will fit in only one chapter.  I even think that the Bach guy may make an appearance in the next chapter, present him or not.  I’m looking forward to knowing about Ichigo’s past, that’s for sure.


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