[Naruto] Chapter 620 Thoughts

I got lazy last week, so I didn’t really read this chapter at all.  But since I have the motivation to get this done today, I’ll make my predictions/guesses in the next post, since I’m one chapter behind.  That said, let’s move on to my commentary!

Again, I want to thank the scanlation group for providing the artwork at the beginning and ending of the chapter.  I especially liked the two artworks at the beginning.  Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju looked like warriors.  Tobirama Senju looked cool with the water surrounding him.

Suigetsu’s reaction is hilarious, as usual.  Still behind Orochimaru, I see.  Yes, I’m going ahead a few pages from the start of this chapter, but the rest were inconsequential to me.  I’m already getting annoyed at Tobirama’s attitude, still on the fence about Hashirama, and basically wanting to kick Kishimoto’s legs for the questions that crops up even during an ongoing answer to another question.  Even if said question is focused on Orochimaru.

Oh, and when Orochimaru’s hair went that way, it sorta reminded me of Kushina.  Just saying.

The dynamics of the Senju brothers…is interesting, to say the least.  Respect.  Power.  Admiration?  Well, I see it (I think) and I want to see some more.  Though I don’t think there will be a Gaiden about it.  Oh, well.

Okay, I was riveted by the whole chapter that I really don’t feel like prolonging this post that much.  All I can say is that:

1) Hashirama is powerful.

2) Minato is awesome, even though he didn’t have a lot of screen time.

3) Orochimaru is definitely a powerful shinobi, even if I hate him.  Hey, I don’t mind admitting that Orochimaru has some skills.  If I don’t count how he learned about it and other stuff, and just focusing on the skills itself, I’ll acknowledge it.

4) Long story about shinobi in general.

5) Hashirama is a powerful shinobi leader.  I can see his strengths, after all.

Okay, that’s enough for this post.


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