[Naruto] Chapter 621 Thoughts

Again, thanks to the scanlation group for providing the artwork at the beginning of the chapter!  I really liked the Madara and Hashirama one; both looked HOTT.

Wow.  An epic battle between Madara and Hashirama.  Nice.

Hmm, am I surprised that the flashback battle scene had a flashback within it?  Not really.  If it explains the history between Madara and Hashirama, I’m all for it.

By the way, young Madara looks like young Sasuke.  Just saying.

Personality-wise, young Hashirama reminds me of young Naruto.  A little.

Hairstyle-wise, young Hashirama reminds me a little of Lee.  A little and very literal, but that’s what I think.

Now if only the chapter was animated, it would look so cool.  All those moves are animate-worthy.  Yeah, can’t wait to see it in animation.

I really don’t feel like expanding the whole post about this chapter.  All that I can say is that I’ve been more “vocal” about this arc, especially in this section of the previous Hokages and Sasuke’s group, that I just don’t feel like going on and on and on about it.  Besides that, I just feel lazy right now to expand onward about this.  And trust me, this chapter also is noteworthy.

That said, it makes me wonder what has happened to Tsunade and the rest of the Kages.  I’m hoping for the best for her, even though when she was last seen, it doesn’t look good for her.

All flashback scenes about Madara and Hashirama in the next chapter.  I don’t really mind, though.  I think young Tobirama and Izuna will be in the next chapter.  I also want to see Mito in the next chapter, but I think the chapter will focus on Madara and Hashirama.  I also hope that some answers will bring some light to the whole situation for Sasuke and the readers.  You know, for the whole picture and all.

Given that I’m not in a “talkative” mood, I’ll end the post right now.  Until then!


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