[Silver Spoon] Chapter 67 Thoughts

I debated if I should make a post about the side story or not, but I’m in a good mood, so I’m posting about it.

That said, it looks like a story about the Hachiken family.  Seeing Yugo so young, with the older Hachiken brother also looking so young, makes me think of the “innocence of youth”.  Learning that the Hachiken ancestors were originally agricultural soldiers makes me think of Yugo going back to his “roots” by attending the agricultural school.  Maybe learning about his ancestors made Yugo veer towards the agricultural school, perhaps?  Hmm?

Wow, but Hachiken’s ancestor has the same hairstyle as Yuugo.  Well, the spikiness of it, not the overall hairstyle.  Also, the Hachiken ancestor sure acts like Yugo.  Well, the high-school age Yugo.

Seriously?!  The ancestor calling himself “Hachi” just because of the number of horses he saw?!  Wow.  That’s just…indescribable.  You can figure it out if it is good or bad.  I’ll leave it up to you.

Okay, now I see where the Hachiken father gets his looks.  I’m just guessing, mind you.  I could probably be wrong in that respect.  (If you want to know what I’m talking about, just read the chapter.  You’ll understand what I’m referring about.)

Interesting.  So Hachi is an escaped prisoner, one that was used as a slave laborer.  Then Toku is from a warrior family, relocating due to the war?  And Pekushi being who he is?  Well, nice revelation there.

The horse chase or wrangling, whichever fits that description, is really nice.  I liked seeing Hachi rise to the occasion as well as being the hero of the hour.  That said, glasses.

Yes, glasses.

Toku squints and that’s why she looked so “fierce” for most of the side story.  And when she wore the glasses, she turns “beautiful” and her eyes reminds me of Mikage.  Hachi reacts just like Yugo and his proposal is: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!!!

At the end of the side story, Yugo proclaimed that the agricultural life isn’t for him.  I was wrong in that respect, but I think that Yugo going to an agricultural school makes it a full circle.  It started from Hachi and Yugo renews that circle again.  Well, just some wishful thinking.

Okay, for the next chapter, which returns back to the story, I think that Mikage and Yugo will go visit their friend (whose name I had forgotten).  Some hilarity will ensue in the chapter, as well as some serious stuff.  I really can’t think of anything else as to what will happen in the next chapter.  I think I said it all already.


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