[Bleach] Chapter 528 Thoughts

Yeah, I’m late.  I’m just lazy, that’s all.  Besides that, I didn’t feel like staying online that much, so I did as much as I can before I grew lazy.  But that’s not what this post is about.  So let’s just move onward to it, shall we?

For the most part, I just breezed through the first half of the chapter.  It was all angsty for me, too much actually.  That and I wasn’t really interested in seeing Ichigo’s boss giving him a much-needed lecture.  Thus, boring for me.

Now, the better half of this chapter began when Ichigo’s father came to get his son from that boss lady’s home.  That caught my pique and I read the rest more carefully.

Oh?  Isshin taking his wife’s last name?  And him being a captain and all.  Though I’m not sure which division he was in.  Hope that it will be cleared in the future.

Masaki as a Quincy.  Hmm, that really isn’t surprising, given the hints already given in previous chapters.  But Ichigo being not just a ‘normal’ “human” nor a “Shinigami”, given his prowess throughout the series, is intriguing.  But again, not really surprising.

The way I see it, the next chapter will be focused in the flashback scene in which Isshin and Masaki fell in love with each other.  Or something like that.  I wonder if Masaki is related to Ishida’s father in some way?  I know that both are Quincies,but how related are the two of them?  So I hope to see more of Ishida’s father in the next chapter, as well as Masaki and Isshin.  Hopefully all will be revealed in the next chapter, though I have a feeling that such a story could end up continuing into the chapter(s) afterwards.


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