[Beelzebub] Chapter 197 Thoughts

I was debating if I should post an entry or not for the previous two chapters, but I think that now that I’m caught up, I’ll just post one for this current chapter.

That said, that guy with that cell phone reminded me of that demon at that time in which Oga and Furuichi went to the Demon World.  The long-haired duded that fought against Oga and was later reporting to some figureheads.  That guy.

Though I’m not sure of that cell phone dude’s identity, it sure looks like he’s a demon.  A demon that wants Beel.  A demon that is against the Demon Lord’s reign.  A demon that is part of a group that is an enemy of the Demon Lord’s family.  A demon that hasn’t revealed his name.  A demon that has escaped before Hilda could get answers.  A demon that will return at a later date.  A demon that wants a date with Hilda.  A demon that may be a playboy and/or may had more success with the ladies than Furuichi.  A demon that will return at a later date.

Okay, so I think that the demons are in the high school.  They infiltrated the student assembly so that they can get their hands on Beel.  I’m thinking the group is bigger than I thought.  I’m also thinking that Beel’s brother may make another appearance in this arc.  I think him and his maids plus his army may make their appearances.  Not really sure about that, though.’

Also, the reaction from the doppelgangers “melting away” is hilarious!  From both genders!

Ah, the switcharoo.  Oga in Beel’s body and Beel in Oga’s body.  I liked Oga’s reaction, especially when he looked down at his current body.  Ah, Oga.  You have a problem there.

Plus, Kanzaki knows now.  Rather, he just saw the switch and wants to know what’s happening.  I think he’ll be given an explanation as to what he just saw.  Not sure yet if the explanation will be truthful or not, given how I can see it going in either scenario.  But I hope that Kanzaki will get his explanation.

Well, well, well.  It seems that Kunieda’s frenemy (not sure what to say about this sly freshman) is making her move.  I wonder how Beel will handle it all.  Furuichi, I can see getting jealous.  Oga, I can see just wanting to get his body back.  Not sure how the sly freshman will do, though.

So the next chapter will focus on how Beel, Oga, and Furuichi will deal with this sly freshman.  I can see the humor that will be interspersed in the chapter, but I’m not sure how it will be shown.  But that’s what I see will happen in the next chapter.


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