[Silver Spoon] Chapter 69 Thoughts

Okay, this chapter started at a good place, so I decided that I needed to have a post about it.

That said, Mikage wanting to be at the horse races (the one that is mentioned in this series and not the one known around the world) is not something I thought of when she revealed her dream in this chapter.  I did think that Mikage would work with horses, but not in this capacity.  Seeing the reactions from her family is nice, particularly when the mother and grandmother turned to Hachiken as if his “city ways” was the fault for Mikage’s dream.  Especially Hachiken’s reaction to that…oh, typical Hachiken-ish yet still hilarious at the same time.

Again, I want to applaud Hachiken for speaking up for Mikage, though his reaction to the father is still funny, in a way.  Makes me feel like Hachiken is “growing up” a little.  Not a lot, just a tiny bit.  Nice job there, Hachiken!

I also liked the moments in which the serious and funny ones are mixed together.  For example, when the uncle wants Mikage to go to college, and then the family talked about her grades.  I find that funny, given Mikage’s reaction to the family talking about her grades so openly like that.  Serious yet lighthearted at the same time.  Nice in a way.

The great-grandmother speaks.  ‘Nough said about that.


Okay, I shouldn’t be laughing about it, but how Hachiken praised that makes me laugh.  Especially the reactions of the Mikage family.  Particularly the father.  Ehehehehehehehe…

Ah, the reactions…

Anyway, it seems like Mikage needs a LOT of help.  So…


Okay, I got that out of my system.  Let’s focus on what I think will happen next chapter.  Given that I have a post for this latest chapter, which I liked, I’ll make my predictions/guesses for the next chapter.  Let’s see…I think that the chapter may be focused on the studying between Mikage and Hachiken.  I’m pretty sure that something else will come up.  Maybe the other students will learn about the studying and want some help from Hachiken, too?  I can see that happening.  The studying getting out of hand, I mean.  Otherwise, I think the focus will return back to the school and what Hachiken will learn this semester.  And of course there will be humor.  That’s what I think will happen in the next chapter.


2 thoughts on “[Silver Spoon] Chapter 69 Thoughts

  1. Gotta love Aki’s family!! XD The way her mother and aunt reacted to Hachiken’s proposal (of tutoring her) was hilarious!!
    I loved how Hachiken was there for Aki. Not taking up the spotlight or butting in, but there for her support, and spoke when necessary. It shows me that he has really grown from the first chapter 🙂

    So excited for the next update!!
    Great review!!

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