[Naruto] Chapter 623 Thoughts

Just like a few series I comment about in this blog, I had been behind in the chapters.  Given that this is not a new event for me, I’ll just say that just like always, I’ll make no future predictions/guesses about future chapters until I’m caught up with the series.  That said, let’s just move onward, shall we?

Seriously, the youths’ hairstyles, especially Hashirama’s, are distracting.  Definitely distracting.

But Madara…well, his hilarious reactions makes me think of Naruto, for one thing.  Just hard to see similarities between Madara and Naruto.  Just…well, not something that I want to think about.  Though I’ll say that  Hashirama also has some Naruto-like qualities that I can see in him.  Both teenagers are just…well, more open right now, considering how the two grew up to become the persons that they are as adults.

Ah, it’s nice to see the future location of Konohagakure.  I thought of some pretty good imaginations about such a location coming into fruition, but I didn’t realize that such a location came from the meetings that bonded Madara and Hashiarama together.  Seeing that panel pretty much brought the guesswork into life, but having Hashirama proclaim about the future village pretty much sealed the deal for me.

I’m thinking that Tobirama has more of his father’s qualities than Hashirama.  But I’ll digress from further ranting about such an adult figure.  Those were the times, so that is how the Senju brothers’ father was shaped.  I may not like it, but that is how it is during that warring period.

I was also not surprised that such a tactic was replicated by both sides.  Seeing the fathers and the younger brothers facing against each other, while the two older brothers try to get away, it also wasn’t surprising at all.  I do think that the confrontation between the father/younger brother enemies is a nice ending to the chapter.  Mirror images and all.  At least it shows that all six are great warriors.  Hardened and seasoned warriors, that is.


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