[Naruto] Chapter 624 Thoughts

I’m on a role right now, so I’m just going to finish this post as well as the next one so that I’ll be caught up with the series.  That said, I’ll have my future predictions/guesses up in the next chapter.  Otherwise, all I’ll be commenting about is this chapter.  Thus, shall we move onward, hm?

I want to give thanks to the scanlation group for providing some nice fanwork.  Those were nice colored fanwork at the beginning of the chapter.  I liked the first one better than the second one, though.

Mirror images, anyone?

Well, I just want to point out that it looks like Tobirama’s sword is bigger/longer than Izuna’s sword.  At least, it looks that way from that panel.  Then again, I guess it all depends on what each younger brother prefers.  Or whichever each clan prefers.

Oh, boy.  That seems harsh.  Just harsh.

I don’t like the Uchiha father’s hairstyle.  It isn’t as bad as Hashirama’s, but I still don’t like it.  Izuna looks sorta cute, but there is still a detraction that makes him un-cute.  Madara’s hairstyle reminds me too much about his future self and Sasuke’s.  Also, though I don’t like the Senju father, I don’t mind his hairstyle as much.  Seriously, why does the Senju clan have better hairstyles than the Uchiha clan?!  Seriously?!?!

Hmm, is that kid next to Itama the cousin or something?  I forgot.  Oh, well.

So…the overall theme for this chapter is too angsty.  Lots of tension and drama going on for my taste.  Yeah, I get the importance of the gist of this chapter, but it makes me feel down.  And I really don’t need such negativity right now.  Damn drama.

Okay, now I’m sorta confused a bit.  When did Izuna ‘give’ his eyes to Madara if the younger brother ‘died’ from the wound that was inflicted by Tobirama?  Or did I lose the meaning from that page to the next one?  Or am I mistaken from relying on my memory about such a flashback event from previous chapters?  Whatever.

Misguided fools.  ‘Nough said about that.

Let’s be clear here.  This chapter was too angsty for my taste.  Therefore, I’ll just end the post here and move onward.

The end.


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