[Naruto] Chapter 625 Thoughts

Before I focus on this chapter, I want to thank the scanlation group for that cosplayer in that previous chapter.  She looked like a cute Hinata, though she doesn’t have the correct eye color to truly be a real-life Hinata.  Though I liked her skin color and the dark blue wig.  Those were spot on, I guess.

Anyway, I liked the adult Hashirama’s hairstyle better than his younger self’s hairstyle.  That Lee-like hairstyle doesn’t really look good on him, but that’s just my opinion.

Also, the fanwork in this chapter was also great.  I really liked the four summoned Hokages better than Kabuto’s snakey-ness.  The snarkiness of the Jubi is sorta creepy, but it was still a good fanwork.  Thanks again, scanlation group!

Ah, Madara still has some “heart” left in him.  Awwww….

I liked how one panel showed the forested location of Konohagakure.  Then the next panel showed Konohagakure.  It’s nice to see the before and after shots.

So Hashirama came up with the ‘Hokage’ and Madara came up with ‘Konoha’?  Nice.  Also, pretty much representing why the Senju and Uchiha clans were named as co-creators of the village.  Doubly nice.

Sarutobi and Shimura clans wanting to join the village?  See any cross-reference and similarities here?  Ah, Hiruzen and Danzo.  You guys…

I’m seriously getting annoyed at Hashirama’s clothing.  Then again, Madara’s clothing is too one-dimensional, too.  Damn clothing.

Damn Kishimoto.  Making me read another aspect of the same event.  But to have a comprehensive look into the event, one must see both sides to come into a conclusion.  And this one has some confusing yet illuminating  view about the whole event.

Why did Madara let Hashirama look into that Uchiha tablet?  Did he do it because he knew that he was going to leave the village?  Maybe giving Hashirama a warning about what will happen in the future?  So many questions, not enough concrete answers for my taste.

I think that the “peace” between the Uchiha and Senju clan were too “temporary”  and why it broke apart.  I think, given the warring time, the uneasiness between the clans, perpetrated by such individuals as Tobirama’s mistrust and Madara’s ‘dark’ personality, was still there even after Konohagakure was built.  Hashirama was also torn between his own brother and his friendship with Madara.  I really feel that Hashirama couldn’t really have a balanced compromise between his clan and the Uchiha clan, given his conflicting loyalties.

Now it makes me feel sad about Naruto and Sasuke.  Similarities and yet not in their own situation.  Not really sure how it will happen, given that I’m not really sure what Sasuke will decide after hearing this story from Hashirama.  I won’t even make any predictions about that situation.  Let Kishimoto do his thing, and I’ll just read the series.

More about Madara and Hashirama in the next chapter.  The last battle between the two rivals/enemies/friends will be featured in the next chapter.  Of course, we all know what will happen in the end of that fight, right?


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