[Beelzebub] Chapter 198 Thoughts

I felt that this chapter deserved a post from me so here it is!

I actually liked Ringo’s expression when she made her “move” on Beel.  Beel, in Oga’s body, sure has such a “pure” expression when he reacted to Ringo’s “move”, though I don’t think the actual truth behind such an acceptance is the same meaning that Ringo and the onlookers have about Beel’s acquiescence.  This is due to Beel inhabiting Oga’s body and the others not knowing about it.

Ah, the friction between Ringo’s and Kunieda’s groups (or should I say Nene’s?) are intense, in a way.  I liked how Kunieda reacted to the proposition that Ringo’s group made, as well as her reaction when she learned about the switch between Oga and Beel.  Then the faceout between the two groups of Red Tails.

Okay, the best part of this chapter is the ending.  I love the last panel showing Kunieda and Oga in Beel’s body.  The caption “Child-Rearing Queen” sure fits Aoi.  Ringo is a hot b***h, but I prefer Aoi’s subtle charisma more than the obvious sex appeal of Ringo.

That said, I expect the humor to be there in the next chapter.  Yeah, some intense action between the two groups of Red Tails, but I also see the battle between Ringo and Aoi to be intense but end up in an unexpected finish.  Courteously by Oga and Beel, of course.  I can see it happening with a humorous twist to it all.  That’s how the series has been, anyway.


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