[Beelzebub] Chapter 199 Thoughts

Okay, I didn’t really expect to post one for this chapter, but since the ending is a satisfying one, I decided I might as well comment about it.

Well, basically it is all focused on the 2nd versus the 3rd of the Red Tails.  Basically it has Kunieda’s Red Tails getting their asses kicked as well as Kunieda.  The other leader also showed her true colors when she slapped Oga (who is in Beel’s body) off Kunieda’s back.  It showed how much the enemy leader grew stronger when she kicked Kunieda’s butt.  I’m not sure if it was from having some demon power inside her or not, but the sexy leader is strong.

That said, I loved the ending of this chapter.  I loved how Kunieda got a “boost” from having the “King’s Crest” on her chest.  Yeah, I didn’t like how she questioned her feelings for Oga and wanting to get rid of it, but at least Oga reiterated why he is the recipient of her feelings when he encouraged her to stand up for herself as well as her group.  That’s what made the “King’s Crest” appear on her body.

Given that Kunieda is “2” and Kanzaki is “1”, I’m thinking that Himekawa is probably “3” and Tenjou will probably be “4”, if all goes according to my thinking.  I would have switched Himekawa and Kunieda around, but otherwise, I agree with the other two.  I wonder if there will be a “5”?

Kick-ass Kunieda in the next chapter.  I’m thinking that Beel, in Oga’s body, will be the humor in the chapter.  Not really sure about it, yet I can also see Oga being an unintentional humor character in the chapter.  That Koma probably will make an appearance, too, since the “lovely ladies” are all in one room.  Not really sure if the fight between the 2nd and 3rd Red Tails leaders will be concluded in the next chapter or not, though.


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