[Naruto] Chapter 626 Thoughts

Again, I want to thank the scanlation group for providing such nice fanwork at the beginning of the chapter.  I liked both ones.

Anyway, Madara is sooooo set in his ways.  I’m not really sure if Izuna’s death, the distrust from the Senju clan (or rather, Tobirama’s), or other factors really cemented his path, but whatever the case, I just feel that his personality is just…well, not to my taste.  He’s really set in his ways, and I really don’t like how his plan has come into fruition.  Or rather, I don’t like his way of thinking.  Well, let’s just say that I still don’t like him.

Seeing those children inside the village sure brings how much contrast it was from those warring period that Hashirama and Madara has to cope with, to the time when ninja villages began to crop up.  I actually liked how that laughing Uchiha kid was sitting next to a Senju kid, though that Senju kid’s face isn’t shown, but the Senju clan symbol is on the back of that kid’s shirt.  Nice to see some camaraderie between the two clans before it goes to hell.  As to the other kids, especially that one with that symbol, I forgot which clan symbol that is.  Not really necessary to remember right now, anyway.

Now the scene goes back to the battle between Madara and Hashirama.  Kyuubi making that comment to Madara made me think of a ‘close’ relationship, but then I remembered that Kyuubi could be influenced by the Sharingan, so seeing how Kyuubi’s eye changed sorta solidified that fact.

Seeing how that certain valley was created is nice to see.  Yeah, it has been told in previous chapters as to how that certain valley was created, but actually having that battle told by one of the participants is actually better, given how it came from one of the two best sources.

Also, seeing Hashirama have that determined look in his face makes me respect him one point more as a leader.  I respect how determined he is, though I sorta dislike his proclamation a bit.  Okay, I’m torn about it, given that his position is such a hard one since, in hypothetically speaking, if his family betrayed the village, he’ll actually be the one to execute that person.  How the battle ended showed how much he has changed.  That and how Hashirama got gumption after answering that certain question that Madara gave him at that certain time.  Yes, I can see the link and similarity in it, so if you want to know what I’m talking about, read the previous chapters.  I’ve given enough spoilage about this chapter as it is.

Even Hashirama’s speech at the end shows his leadership skills.  Yes, he can see both sides and understand Madara’s reasons.  Let’s just say this: as a whole, Hashirama is a great leader.  He had to make hard choices, and he knows that some choices will not be good.  I can go on and on about it, even some flaws, too.  However, I’ll just focus on this chapter and how much Hashirama showed great leadership skills.  As for the rest, I’ll just leave it alone.

I want to reiterate again that the scanlation group provided some great fanwork at the end of the chapter, too.  I liked all three of them, especially the first one.  Young Minato is so…mesmerizing.

I wonder how Sasuke will react after hearing Hashirama’s story?  I think he’ll have some words in the next chapter.  Not sure yet if the next “request” he wants will be from Tobirama or Minato.  I think that Tobirama will be next, though.  Gotta see it from his view, after all.  Maybe a flashback scene just like Hashirama gave in the previous chapters?  Well, whatever the case, more focus on Sasuke’s group, that’s for sure.


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