[Noblesse] Chapter 279 Thoughts

As I don’t have enough time to really focus on the chapter, this post may seem as if I may not had paid attention to the chapter, but I have!  I just have other things that may take precedence in my mind.  Oh, I could probably get this out tomorrow, but I might as well get it over with because I’m behind in some of the series that I comment here.  Anyway, let’s just get this started!

Didn’t really expect to see the RK-4 start the whole chapter.  But it’s nice to see the human high schoolers get their antidotes after being poisoned by that short dude who reminds me of two characters from two series.  You know who I mean, given that I really hadn’t paid attention to that short dude’s name.  Not really sticking to my memory, that’s why.

Ah, Rael.  You really are simple-minded…or too focused? on Seira.  The RK-4 are really treating you in a way that you don’t even get it.  Ehehehehehe…

So the two U.E.C.T. (Union Elders Clan Traitors) do know about Raizel’s power and what it signifies when those bloody wings come out.  Urokai’s comments just make it seems as if he still have some “respect” or “admiration” for Raizel.  Makes me wonder why Urokai and the other C.T. really decided to betray Lukedonia.

As I had thought, Raizel was awesome in this chapter!  Though I still don’t like him using that level of power, he’s keeping up with the two U.E.C.T. and might even be stronger than those two.  Can’t really determine the power level of each one, but that’s what I think as I go through the battle.

I will admit that the combined attack from those two U.E.C.T. was impressive.  Raizel dispelling such a powerful attack is even more impressive.

Just something to remember their names for future reference, if needed: Urokai Agbain, Jaruga Siriana.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I may have other things that must be top priorities, but reading this chapter sure obliterated such priorities from my mind.  The chapter just exemplifies Raizel’s ‘presence’ in this series, and I gotta say, this chapter ROCKED because of Raizel.  Thus,


Okay, so Urokai and Jaruga betrayed Raizel for their own reasons.  I’m glad that they apologized to Raizel for betraying him.  Especially Urokai, who I feel seems like a “child” to me in his “reverence” for Raizel.  Urokai seems so sincere in his apology, reminding me of another series and how a certain protagonist “changes” the people he met, especially those that I liked in that series.

Anyway, Urokai’s “heartfelt” apology touched me more than Jaruga’s.  Though Jaruga’s apology is also nice.


WAY THE GO, RAIZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing that flashback scene of Urokai and Jaruga in happier times with Raizel makes me feel sad and also bittersweet.  Just…well, at least their relationship with Raizel was mostly good, until the betrayal, that is.  But the two former U.E.C.T. made their peace, or reconciled, with Raizel in the end.  That’s a good way to end it all, ne?  Or should I have said it was a nice way to end?

So the chapter ended in a bittersweet way.  All that I can say is: I loved this chapter.

Raizel being the focus of the majority of the chapter, the whole conclusion of said battle against the two U.E.C.T., even the RK-4 starting the whole chapter, it just makes it a great chapter for me.  DEFINITELY one of my fave chapters from this series.

That said, what will happen to that werewolf U.E., given that she is still in the scene and will probably escape to report back to the Union about Raizel’s presence in that city.  I truly hope that said escape won’t occur, but the U.E. is outnumbered and probably the perfect action to said scenario is escape.  The next chapter may even focus on the Union before returning to the city.  Who knows.  Not really interested in making a cohesive prediction/guess for the next chapter.  I’m still in a good mood about the whole chapter.


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