[Beelzebub] Chapter 200 Thoughts

200 CHAPTERS!!!!!

This is a milestone for this series.  So I wanted to commemorate it by commenting on it.  Though it may end up being short, just to let you know.

Anyway, Kunieda returns back to her leadership role in the Red Tails group.  I liked how she moved, using the strength she acquired from that boost well in saving her friends.

I particularly liked the ending.  Oga returning back to his body.  Seeing his serious expression sure makes him look hot.  A very different kind of bishounen.  At least he knows when to step down in a certain kind of fight.  He didn’t barge into Kunieda’s fight against Ringo, so he knows that certain battle doesn’t require his intervention.

That said, I think that the battle between the two leaders of the Red Tails will be concluded in the next chapter.  I also think that Beel will be his usual adorable self.  I also think that Ringo may end up using some demonic power, which I hadn’t even seen her used before.  I’m not sure if Ringo is actually someone who gained demonic power, but if she did, I hope that it isn’t as much.

Finally, I’m glad to see the focus of the chapter on the Red Tails.  The girls need their spotlights, after all.


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