[Bleach] Chapter 530 Thoughts

I’m slowly catching up with this series.  Now, this post may end up being short, given that I don’t feel like doing my usual average size entry for such a chapter.  Got other stuff to focus on, anyway.

I liked the first one of the two fanworks that were provided by the scanlation group.  I rather have Ichigo than Aizen, even though said fanwork was done well.  Just the subject of said fanwork isn’t my thing.

Seeing the various faces of Isshin Shiba sure makes me like him in that capacity.  Still not sure if Isshin is one of my fave characters, but he’s still a good one just for being himself, flaws and all.

Also, the chapter cover featuring Ichigo’s mother as a teenager is a nice one.  I liked the happy expression she is making in that one.  Big boobs and all.

Okay, so I didn’t pay attention to Ishida’s home, if it was ever featured, that is.  Didn’t really care about it, if it was shown.  More focused on Ichigo’s situation.  Just wanted to say that, given that the Ishida Mansion sure is huge, and I can see where Ishida got his looks.  Seeing Ryuu Ishida as a younger person and not as the tough doctor that he had become, plus his mother, makes me realize how close he is to the Kurosaki family, especially to Masaki Kurosaki.  Okay, to a certain extent.  But in that one certain panel, Ryuu looked very handsome.  Read the chapter to figure out what I’m saying.  Go on…

Katagiri and Ryuu…?  Hm?

Anyway, seeing those two Shinigami underlings getting killed is sad, yet seeing the freaky murderer at the end brings more questions than answers.  I have a guess as to who the murderer may be, but I’ll leave it out.  Why?  Because I’m planning on posting one more entry before I stop.  That’s why.



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