[Bleach] Chapter 531 Thoughts

Okay,this is the last one before I have to do something else.  Again, it may be shorter than the average of similar posts for this series.  But I have other things that takes priority over catching up with this series.  Don’t worry, I plan to get caught up with the series before the week is over.  At least, if there are no intrusions blocking my way towards reaching that goal.

Anyway, I liked the first fanwork the best out of the two that were provided by the scanlation group.  Isshin looked mighty fine in that one.

Ah, so my guess was wrong.  Well, that’s okay.  Not really feeling bad about the wrong guess, given who the real perpetrator is.

Yup, Masaki reminds me of Ichigo.  Definitely can see where some of Ichigo’s traits/values/beliefs came from.  Also see why Ichigo is a “Mama’s boy”.

I see now how Isshin got hurt.  Damn Aizen.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll try to catch up with the series as soon as I can.

‘Til next time!


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