[Naruto] Chapter 627 Thoughts

I was going to do this after I finished with an important task, but an author’s note from a fanfiction got me curious, so I decided to read the chapter now while I’m in this piqued mood.

The scanlation group has been doing a great job in providing some great fanwork for me to admire.  Thanks again, scanlation group!  I liked both fanwork at the beginning of the chapter.  I really appreciate them!

Wow.  Sasuke’s response to Hashirama’s tale makes him sound so mature.  His response to said tale brings up his love for his brother, and that’s what I basically felt his speech was all about after hearing Hashirama’s tale.

I, too, thought like Sasuke in thinking about Tobirama’s feeling about the Uchiha clan.  I really didn’t agree with Tobirama’s answer about explaining his doubts about the Uchiha clan.  I just felt that it sounded more like an excuse to me.  Though I do like seeing that Kagami Uchiha is a hunk.  Another Uchiha bishounen, ne?

Also, I’m not surprised that said Kagami is the father of Shisui Uchiha.  I actually like Shisui, brief though his appearance was in the series. Glad to see another good father-son similarities in this series.

Respect for the Sandaime Hokage.  I’m getting that from both Orochimaru and the Yondaime Hokage.  I’m probably more strict about dissecting a person’s character and holding out those flaws, but I’m getting this feeling of the Sandaime Hokage…well, I really can’t describe it in a way that I feel is right.  But I’ll just say that it feels like Sandaime is getting a “freebie” from getting a huge scolding of said reign in respect to some details (not all his reign is bad, just a few details that should have been taken cared of).

As for Sasake’s decision…I really didn’t expect that.  I guess Itachi is right about Sasuke in some respect.  The Sasuke that wasn’t destroyed by Itachi’s actions is still there within himself.  Hearing Itachi’s last words cliched the deal.

Okay, I thought there would be more flashback scenes about the Uchiha clan from the rest of the Hokages.  I didn’t really expect to feel so…unsatisfied when reading that it is only Hashirama who has a tale while the rest of the Hokages just gave a few points of their own actions about the Uchiha clan.  I will admit of liking the tidbit about Kagami and Shisui, but otherwise, I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to hear any more good Uchiha tales.

Not that I want to hear more about the Uchiha clan when said action would be detrimental when it would prolong the return of Naruto’s group attacking the Uchiha villains.  But said Uchiha tales would have been great in giving an in-depth look into said clan a bit more.

Though in this chapter Orochimaru sorta showed a “soft” side, I still don’t trust him fully.  I think he would have some ulterior motive and/or action that he may use at the battlefield.  That being said, I’m not even sure that he still isn’t going to want the Sharingan after arriving at the battlefield.

Not really surprised in Suigetsu’s thinking.  Still liked his comedic relief, though.  That and getting his ass kicked by Karin, who makes her reappearance in this chapter.

Ah, the comedic relief.  Nice to have that break from the serious tension that has permeated int his arc.

Ah, so Kabuto “imitated” Orochimaru?  B******t.  Disappointing explanation all-around.  Yes, there are similarities and differences in both apprentices’ situations, but I don’t believe the explanation or “revelation” that Orochimaru is spouting.  Maybe his past actions are too much for me to forgive, but I just don’t put too much conviction in Orochimaru’s words.  Period.

That said, I did like the last few pages featuring the four summoned Hokages.  I liked how they give such a powerful “vibe” and how they ended up standing atop their own “heads”.  That brings the chapter to such a “moving” and “powerful” end.

As I mentioned in the beginning, an author of a fanfiction got me piqued about this chapter, so I decided to read it.  Well, the comment about Minato meeting his son in the battlefield caught up attention, and reiterating with said author, I also want to read the reaction that Naruto will have when Minato appears in the battlefield.  Now, I’m not really sure if the next chapter will bring Sasuke’s group in the battlefield; it may end up being in the chapter after the next one.  Whatever, the case, I do believe that Naruto will be shocked to see the summoned Yondaime Hokage and Sasuke appear in the battlefield.  Of course, the rest of the group will be surprising, but I think I know which ones will have bring more impact on Naruto.

I wonder if Suigetsu got away from the group?  Or did he end up sticking around with Sasuke’s group towards the battlefield?  Not really sure about that, though I hope that Suigetsu ends up getting corralled by Karin to stay with the group; I’ll miss his kind of comedic relief.

That said, I also want to see Minato’s reaction to learning that the masked man who he fought against on his son’s birth day is actually his own student.  I wonder what kind of expressions Minato will make when he learns about said person?

Okay, this will be all right now.  Got to return to my important task after all.


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