[Bleach] Chapter 532 Thoughts

Okay, two more chapters before I’m caught up!  Well, let’s just move on to it, ‘kay?

Wow, the scanlation group really did well in the first two fanwork at the beginning of the chapter!  I’m riveted at how Ichigo looks so HOTT, and the second one featuring those two characters is well done.  Great job, scanlation group!

Damn Aizen.  Stealing anything from others, including Kisuke’s stuff.  Damn him for harming Isshin, too.  DAMN AIZEN.

Okay, for the majority of the chapter, it was all about the battle between Isshin and his enemy.  However, I did like seeing Masaki kill the enemy, even though she used that move.

Otherwise, the chapter wasn’t as interesting as the previous one.  Nothing much to comment about.  Thus, I’ll end this post here.


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