[Bleach] Chapter 533 Thoughts

Hopefully this chapter will be before than the previous one.

So before focusing on the chapter, I want to make some commentary about the fanwork provided by the scanlation group, especially those in the beginning of the chapter.  The first fanwork is good, though I don’t know why Naruto is in that one.  But the Ichigo in the middle sorta looks like a kabuki actor.  Well, a creepy and dangerous one.

As for the second fanwork, can’t figure out who the character is.  Well, I guess I know the character, but I’m not 100% sure.  But it still looks nice.  That said, let’s move onward to the chapter!

Still can’t shake my admiration about Isshin’s “youthfulness”, given that I”m used to seeing him in an older aspect.  At least he matures well.  Sorta makes me think that Ichigo will mature well, too.

I’m still thinking that Ryuu Ishida and Katagiri will be together in the future.  Though that’s just a presumption, but this feeling that I have…

Ah, the chemistry between Masaki and Isshin has began.  See how the two are thinking of each other.  See how they yearn to see each other, or Isshin, at least.  See how their offspring will be in the future.  See them become a couple…

Masaki’s friends, Shiho and Kanan, reminds me of Ichigo and his two male friends, who I forgot their names.  You know, the one that prefers older women and the other who is a talkative entertainer.

Well, Kisuke sure made his move quickly.  He met Masaki and felt “something”, probably her power.  Also, seems that Byakuya is already a captain when Isshin was a captain.  Wonder who became a captain first?

One more chapter before I’m caught up!


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