[Bleach] Chapter 534 Thoughts

I’m all caught up!!!!  Yay!!!!!

Loved the colored chapter cover page.  Ryuuken Ishida looks like a hot prep guy while Isshin looks like a hot athlete.  Masaki is a cute girly girl.  Hey, I’m just basing it on the outfits they wore.

Both two fanwork at the beginning of the chapter are awesome!  Though I think that the character is another character from another series.  Well, that’s what I think.  Again, great job there, scanlation group!

Ah, Rangiku.  Trying to get away from her duties by making her captain do her own work.  Then when she learns about Isshin’s disappearance, she gets angry.  Very typical Rangiku action!  Though I agree with Toshiro when he hears Rangiku’s rant.

I think that Masaki and Ryuuken have a good relationship.  As for Ryuuken’s mother and Masaki…well, I’m glad that Masaki can handle the relationship.  If it was me…

Anyway, wasn’t really surprised that it was Katagiri who told Ryuuken’s mother.  Though the reason why she told is still a “weak” answer to me.  But she’s loyal to Ryuuken, so her reason is probably valid in her eyes.

Oh?  So that’s why Kisuke gave that look in the last chapter.  He guessed about Masaki’s condition, so seeing him make his appearance to Isshin and Ryuuken isn’t so surprising.

So the next chapter will focus on how Masaki will be saved from her wound.  A meeting at Kisuke’s place, with Isshin and Ryuuken tagging along.  Will Ryuuken’s father make his appearance in the next chapter?  Will Ryuuken and Masaki get in trouble?  What will be the options to save Masaki?  Well, not really any good predictions/guesses for the next chapter, with only the premise that it will take place at Kisuke’s place.

Just reiterating that such a “break” will probably be a norm for me.  There will be times in which I’ll be behind for various reasons.  Hopefully it won’t deter you from continuing to read here.  Of course, I’ll eventually catch up.  Bare with me in this, ne?


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