[Noblesse] Chapter 280 Thoughts

I was dithering if I should get this over with or not, given that I still have some leftover positive feelings for the previous chapter.  But I decided that I might as well get it over with, since I’m on a roll.

So Raizel left the werewolf U. E. alone.  Rather, he wanted her to give the Union a message that he is back.  Thus, the Union’s plans has to be readjusted.

I really don’t like having her give Raizel’s presence to the Union.  I especially don’t like how it will bring more ammunition to Dr. Crombell, with him learning more information about Raizel.  Damn Crombell…

Ah, Rael.  You naive boy.  You still don’t get the idea that you are being ‘played’ by the others, though I gotta say, it’s all for a good cause.  And getting a praise from Rajak…well, the sibling relationship sorta reminded me of another brotherly relationship between a pair of siblings from another series.  Caught my meaning, right?

So the reiterating of Raizel using his own life force to power his attacks really brings it home that Raizel’s life is near its end.  Which sucks, since I’m feeling that the ending of this series will result in Raizel’s ‘death’.  And Raizel is my fave character in this series, so having the main protagonist be dead is just…well, disappointing.

Anyway, better return back to the chapter.

I’m worried about Frankenstein’s wounds.  And I’m grumbling over having to wait for how Raizel had to sleep for 820 years.  Hopefully that will be revealed in the next chapter.  I sure want to know.  That and I wonder if the next chapter will feature a flashback scene as to how Raizel got so hurt that he needed to sleep for those many years.

I’m also glad to learn how Raizel’s coffin came about to rest within that building.  I wonder if the coffin resting in the ocean came about from Raizel pushing the coffin into the ocean or if someone else pushed said coffin with Raizel in it into the ocean.  I hope said question will be answered in the future.

Will the next chapter feature a Union meeting in which Raizel’s presence is announced or will the next chapter be featuring a continuation on Raizel’s situation?  Well, let’s hope to know next week, right?


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