[Beelzebub] Chapter 201 Thoughts

I’ll make this quick because I have other things to do.

Anyway, the chapter concludes Kunieda’s battle against Ringo’s team.  I was surprised that Ringo didn’t really have demon powers, though I wasn’t surprised that the perverted demon was behind Ringo.

I’m glad to see Kunieda kick ass.  I liked how she obliterated Ringo’s team.  I was also pleased to see how she kicked that perverted demon’s ass behind the scenes.  Yup, Kunieda is a badass!!!\

I am shocked that Himekawa is part of a rival group.  Though I really think that he’s actually part of Oga’s team, though maybe as a spy?  I still think Himekawa is part of Oga’s team, so I’m not going to diss him for being a turncoat right now.  I feel that Himekawa’s personality makes it so that the possibility of being undercover just to gather information is not out-of-character for him.  We’ll see.

What I think will happen in the next chapter will be a transitional one towards Himekawa’s group versus Oga’s group.  Not sure how that will go on, but we’ll see how such a lead will happen so that it will be Himekawa’s turn to “shine”, though not really sure when that will happen.


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