[Noblesse] Chapter 281 Thoughts

So this chapter began with Crombell.

Damn Crombell.

Is it so surprising that Crombell is scrambling to adjust his plans within the Union?  Is it shocking that Crombell is going against the U.E.?  Not really.  That’s just Crombell.  ‘Nough said about that.

So Frankenstein and the three enhanced bodyguards are giving a reporting to what happened at the school.  The discussion is enlightening yet necessary.  Could have gone through the whole scene without much commentary.

Ah, Raizel.  You silent hunk, you…

Nice to see the human high schoolers interact with Raizel’s group.  And dare I say that interaction between Seira and the redhead youth is full of hidden meanings, hm?  Or am I just seeing too much in that interaction?

Ah, Raizel.  You’re blushing!  You…

And Frankenstein, you loyal one…

Okay, I already expected that reason as to why Frankenstein built the school.  Not surprising at all.  But the interaction between Frankenstein and Raizel brings warm feelings in me.  I liked the moment, given how tense the past few chapters has been as well as the future chapters will be, given what will happen between Raizel’s group and the Union.

Damn Union.

I think the next chapter may either be focused on a Union meeting and/or some lightheartedness that is focused on Raizel’s group.  Some refreshing change about the high schoolers and Raizel’s group before the serious action returns.  Not really sure but let’s just go with the flow, ne?


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