[Naruto] Chapter 630 Thoughts

I know, I know.  I’m behind by one chapter.  Well, so what?  It’s at my tune, not anyone else.  That said, all I can say is that it is pure laziness that I hadn’t kept up with the series.  Just saying.

As usual, the scanlation group has provided some great fanwork at the near beginning of the chapter.  Thank you, scanlation group!

Kakashi, your words are very moving!  Definitely Kakashi has gotten over his depressive mood over his teammate’s ‘lost’ because of the people, particularly Naruto, around him.  Go, Kakashi!  That’s how you answer that certain proposal!

So saying, the scene moves back to Naruto’s group.  It’s nice to see Bee being the person of attention.  Time to shine, Bee!  Time to shine!

I see, Kishimoto.  I see.  You definitely are pulling the strings in the romance department.  Hinata isn’t the only one who knows Naruto.  Sakura, being part of Team 7, understands her teammate(s) to a certain extent.  Not really sure how much, though.  And that’s all I’ll say about that in this post.  I got more in the chapter, to a certain point.

Ah, Naruto.  You inspire so many people…well done.

That said, nice effort from everyone.  I liked how Shikamaru stepped up to take his father’s place in this war.  Ino also stepped up.  Nice job, you two!

Damn scene changes…especially when it was getting good…

Again, well done, Kakashi!  Keep up that monologue!  Ah, those words…!

And there goes the appearance of Minato!  Seeing that Naruto wasn’t truly surprised, he must have ‘felt’ his father’s chakra, given what he was doing.  Nice job, father and son!

Finally, I’ll put up my usual predictions/guesses on the next post.  Before I end this post, I just want to say that I would have been more excited about this chapter if I hadn’t been “forewarned” by the author’s note of a fanfiction I was reading earlier.  That and I skipped ahead to skim through the next chapter first before reading this chapter.  All that energy became focused on the next chapter.  Just read the next post to learn what caught my attention.


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