[Naruto] Chapter 631 Thoughts

I was reading a fanfiction when I caught sight of the author’s note at the beginning of the chapter that piqued my interest about this chapter.  That said, I skipped the previous chapter and skimmed through this one first.  However, I posted my thoughts about the previous chapter first before this one, just to keep it in order.

As for my preliminary reading of the chapter, I saw the way that a certain question was given, and there is still some doubt as to what kind of canon pairing said question entails.  Yes, that certain fanfiction author’s cynical views can be seen in that certain light, but I also see that there could be another way such a scene can be viewed.  I know, I know.  I probably am making a screwed-up way of thinking it, but even though I read the scene, I’m still in doubt.  Considering the type of person Naruto is, as well as Sakura’s, there is still a little wiggle room for my favorite pairing to be acknowledged.  I’m pretty sure that Kishimoto is keeping the readers in suspense, making the two groups of shippers have their own “moments” within the series, especially the current chapters.  And though such a certain question was boldly answered by Naruto, the way it was answered gives me hope that a certain pairing is still in the running.

That said, the rest of this post pertains to my thorough reading of the chapter.

Just like usual, I want to thank the scanlation group for providing some great artwork.  I may not like one of the characters in each fanwork, but I appreciate a great art piece for what it is.  Nice job, scanlation group!

I’m going to skip what I think about that certain page, so I’ll just move onward to the rest of the chapter.

It’s nice to see Hinata have solo panels.  Very nice indeed.

The rest of the Hokages have arrived!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

The next page…HILARIOUS!!!!  The interaction between Hashirama and Madara shows how long their relationship is (this includes the rivalry, the friendship, etc.).  The atmosphere breaker!!!!  The hilarity!!!  Ah, one of my fave scenes in this chapter…

Damn, but Minato looks like Naruto in that mode!  Was I surprised or even shocked by such a revelation?  Not really.  This is Minato, after all.  Plus, Kurama said it well about Minato.  ‘Nough said.

Okay, I see that Sasuke and Juugo arrived, but what about Orochimaru, Suigetsu, and Karin?  I know that Suigetsu was sneaking away, but what if he was caught or something before he could leave?  Well, hm?

As I said, I liked to see Hinata have her own solo panels.  It makes her seem important and be a “major” character in the series.  I mean, Team 10 are in one panel while Shino, Kiba and Akamaru have their own panel.  Shouldn’t Hinata be included with the rest of Team 8?  Having her own solo panel just makes her seem revelant to me.

Oh, and it sucks that Tenten and Lee aren’t in one panel.  Yeah, Team Gai is missing one of their members, but it sucks that they didn’t have their own team panel.  Makes it seem that it is only focused on the Rookie 9 (or should I say Rookie 10, which includes Akamaru), not the Konoha 11, nee Konoha 12.  Just sad.

So Sasuke spoke Sakura’s name but not Ino’s?!  So he acknowledges Sakura but not Ino?  Surely Sasuke has some deeper relationship with Sakura than Ino, then?  Surely?

H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!  Simply hilarious!!!  Sasuke, that was just plain genius of you!  Seeing that seven of the Rookie 10 have the same expression, while Naruto and Hinata (which I presume still retains her calm expression, even after Sasuke’s shocking proclamation) remain calm, is just ingenious of you.  Just ingenious.

Itachi said it correctly: just because Sasuke wants to “become” the Hokage doesn’t mean that he may end up being the Hokage, while the one that everyone “acknowledges” will become the Hokage.  That means that Naruto can become the Hokage because he was “acknowledged” by everyone.

Ah, Team 7…seems that each future generation of Team 7 the members are getting stronger and stronger.  Yeah, each had taken their own path, but when it matters the most, they unite to become stronger than they were previously.

Well, I think the next chapter will feature some kick-ass action from Team 7.  The Hokages (excluding the Godaime) will help, including the rest of the ninja forces.  I don’t think that Madara cares anymore about the Juubi, given that a better prize is in front of him.  I’m not sure if the next chapter will begin with Kakashi and Obito, but I think that said former teammates will still need to resolve their differences.  I just see them in the next chapter, brief or longer their appearances may be in the next chapter.

I’m not sure if I’ll be lazy again or not, but I’ll still keep up with this series.  So expect any kind of delays…or not.


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