[Beelzebub] Chapter 205 Thoughts

Okay, this will be short and sweet.

I’m aiming for how strong Furuichi is in this chapter.  Yeah, it was nice to see him in action, though he had to borrow some demonic power from demons, but at least it is someone he had already encountered and “borrowed” from earlier.  Plus, it is also nice to see that he beat three of the Fallen Angels members, which shows how strong the demon he “borrowed” from is compared to some of the members.

However, given that the leader of the Fallen Angels used to be students of Saotome…that is disturbing.  It shows how much stronger Takamiya probably is, if Saotome warns Oga about how Takamiya and Fuji are compared to Oga.  Still, I don’t think Oga will listen, given that it affects himself as well as Beel.

I’m sorta worried about Furuichi fighting against Takamiya.  I’m pretty sure that Takamiya will win against Furuichi, even though said person has “borrowed” demonic powers.  That said, I hope that Oga will be able to save Furuichi from getting too beat up by Takamiya, though I hope that Oga will win.  Still not sure yet about that, though.

As I mentioned before, short and sweet.


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