[Naruto] Chapter 632 Thoughts

I probably won’t be able to appreciate this chapter as I could have if I wasn’t so sleepy right now, but I’m trying to catch up to as many series as I can, which includes this one.  That said, let’s just get on with the chapter commentary.

The two fanworks at the beginning of the chapter are awesome, as always.  Liked them both.  Thanks scanlation group!

Nice expressions, Team 7!  Nice resolve, too!!

Also, nice focusing for each member of the Rookie 9!  Shows each person’s personality, that’s for sure.

Still, Juugo’s thoughts about Sasuke sorta brings me some negative vibe about Sasuke.  Not that I’m surprised or so, but it just ruins the mood.  Damn comment makes me want to question Sasuke’s motives now.  Hey, Juugo may not know Sasuke in respect to how Naruto knows Sasuke, but Juugo has been with Sasuke recently, so his comment about the Uchiha makes me wary about Sasuke’s motives.  Just saying.

Way the go, you 4 Hokages!  Way the go!!!!  And dare I focus on Hashirama’s awesomeness here?  I mean, he sure has some awesome moves in this chapter!  Just action that cements why he is the Shodaime Hokage.  Go Hashirama!

Oh, and it was nice to see Mifune and a couple of his samurais.  Nice to see him have his ‘moment’ in this chapter.

Ah, Madara.  You sure have your own “warrior sense” or something like that.  Didn’t really expect him to fight against a Mokuton clone, so the reaction about wanting to fight the “real” one isn’t a shock to my senses.  I actually expected Madara to want to fight against the “real” Hashirama anyway.

Ha!  Well done, Sakura!  You really made me chuckle!  It may be due to my sleep-deprived state, but I’m not all angsty about Sakura’s “moment” in this chapter.  Wasn’t shocked about the ‘diamond’ on her forehead and all, given who she is a disciple of.  Nor am I annoyed about Sakura’s flashbacks in this chapter.  I’m in a state of mind that I don’t really care about it and I just want to continue on reading the chapter.  Sakura may not be a fave character of mine, but I’ll give her her “shining” moment in this chapter.

That said, Naruto’s reaction to Sakura’s action is Naruto-ish.  Definitely one that I liked seeing.  Sasuke’s reaction, on the other hand, is reminiscent of his personality.  To that, I say this: eh.

Again, this is sorta a Team 7-ish moment.  ‘Nough said about that.

Now…about what I think the next chapter may be…I think that there will be more action from Naruto’s side of things.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if the chapter begins with Kakashi’s side; I’m pretty sure that Kakashi and Obito will be featured in the next chapter.  How much said content will be focused on Kakashi and Obito I’m not really sure, but I just feel that the two rivals/enemies/friends/etc. will be in the next chapter.  They also need their own “shining moments” in the next chapter.

Oh, and I don’t really focus on the fanwork at the end of the chapter.  Yeah, they may be focused on the funny stuff, but most of the time, they really aren’t so interesting and/or great fanwork at all.  Most of the time…



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