[Noblesse] Chapter 286 Thoughts

All caught up right now with the series.  So let’s just focus on what I thought about this latest chapter, ne?

Damn.  Just reading through the chapter, from beginning towards the end of said meeting, makes me want to strangle Dr. Crombell.  I REALLY hate his guts.  Just having him meet up with Frankenstein and the meeting the two are having just brings this negative emotions right to the forefront.  If I had a choice, I would just skip the chapter because I don’t want to read about Crombell.  Alas, this chapter is necessary to the series, so I’ll tolerate it.  Only just.

Though said meeting left a lot in the shadows, I’m glad that said meeting didn’t occupy all of the chapter.  I liked seeing Raizel again in this chapter.  I’m also glad that Frankenstein made that cross earring for Raizel, which helped his master a lot.  Though the reaction from wearing the cross earring…didn’t really expect that.  But it sure is a nice and unexpected reaction.  Nice way to add humor in the chapter.

Wow.  Didn’t expect this Mujaka person.  Wonder if he’ll be standing toe-to-toe against Raizel.  Wouldn’t like it but still wondering how powerful said Mujaka person truly is.

Another good humor is the rest of the chapter.  Especially Frankenstein’s reaction to seeing the huge pile of paperwork on his desk at the high school.  And the reactions from Takeo and M-21 after receiving their new ‘toys’ from Tao.  Ehehehehehehe…

That said, 6 WEEKS!  That’s right, this arc/season is over and the new arc/season won’t be available until 6 weeks away.  That sucks, but I agree that said creators/authors deserved their vacation.  Though I’ll say this: it would sure suck to wait that long.

Given that the next chapter won’t be out for six weeks, I’ll not make any future predictions/guesses about the next chapter.  I was going to put up some broad guesses about the next arc/season but I don’t feel like it.  Hopefully, this reprieve will make me focus on other series that I’ve neglected, like the other series from the same creators/authors of this series.  Well, we’ll see how it will go from here.

So no more posts about this series until six weeks later.  Until then!


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