[Bleach] Chapter 537 Thoughts

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I’m behind this series.  So what.  Anyway, let’s just get on to what I though about the chapter.

Okay, I’m going to breeze through the first several pages in this chapter.  Not that they weren’t boring, it just didn’t grab my attention that much.  That said, I want to say that I’m not surprised that Katagiri was Uryuu’s mother; saw that coming from the previous chapters.  However, I am interested in how she died.

Damn Juha Bach.

Stealing other people’s “powers” for himself…truly a worthy villain for this last arc.  Still don’t like it, though.

Damn Bach.

So…yeah, said proclamation can be interpreted many ways.  I could point one view out, but I just don’t feel like it.  Let’s just say that said proclamation galvanized Ichigo to move onward.

That said, I’m also not surprised that Uryuu Ishida went to Juha Bach.  He’s a Quincy, after all.  Just not sure how it will all go from there, though.

That is all I’ll say about this chapter.


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