[Bleach] Chapter 538 Thoughts

Is it just because of the time that this post will be published or is it because the previous chapter was boring that I’m more interested in this chapter than the previous one?

Well, considering that after Ichigo returned back, the Asauchi bowed down to him and he picked one…well, that sure grabbed my attention.  At least Ichigo “knows” himself more.  Thank goodness.

Also, it is nice to see Soul Society being “busy”.  Seeing all those characters training/preparing for the future is nice to know.  Yeah, I liked the focus to be on Ichigo, but I actually don’t mind this reprieve to see some other characters training hard.  That’s just…nice.

Okay, this chapter sorta felt…short for me.  Or maybe I just don’t feel like elaborating in this post.  Whatever the case, I’ll be caught up with this series in the next post.

Ah, well.


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