[Bleach] Chapter 539 Thoughts

I’m all caught up now, so my predictions/guesses are back.  Let’s move onward, shall we?

Had to go to another site to read the chapter, though I’ll focus on my primary site in relation to this chapter.  Truly, the different ways that the chapter are translated are obvious when I compare both sites, but I only went to another site due to some missing translations.  Not a lot, but just one missing translation that I was curious about.  That said, the secondary scanlation group has provided better fanwork than my usual scanlation group, so I’m giving kudos to that alternate scanlation group for providing some awesome fanwork in this chapter.

I liked the humor in this chapter, especially in that Omaeda family skit.  Sure is nice to see the Omaeda siblings.

Oh?  Some tension between Sajin and his great-grandfather?  Well, that’s interesting.

Interesting.  Definitely interesting.  Ichigo losing his Zangetsu?  Why?  As I said, interesting.

Again, I don’t feel like prolonging this post a lot.  All I can say is that I see more of Ichigo being featured in the next chapter.  Not sure yet if he’ll be the focus for the whole chapter or not, but at least more than half, I’m sure.  And that’s what I think will happen for the next chapter.

Yeah, I’m not too “talkative” right now.  So what.


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