[Bleach] Chapter 540 Thoughts

Let’s just get to the point, ‘kay?

So the chapter is focused on Ichigo, Asauchi, and that forging guy whose name I had forgotten right now.  The appearance of that forging guy’s “bodyguards” wasn’t so bad.  I didn’t mind how each one has a purpose in helping Ichigo and his Asauchi.  But I did like it when that forging guy took off his glasses; it makes him look serious when he has nothing obstructing his face.

Well that’s interesting.  So the ‘Zangetsu’ that Ichigo knows looks like Bach.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  I can see how ‘Zangetsu’ did look like Bach.

Damn Bach.

So how is it connected, the Bach from those years ago and ‘Zangetsu’?  I see a connection that I’m not really coming up with right now.  Maybe Ichigo was “borrowing” the powers given to him via the Quincy?  Hmm, interesting…

Anyway, I think that the next chapter will answer that question.  Also, I think that maybe the true Zanpakuto that Ichigo has will be revealed?  Well, that’s what I think about the next chapter.

Yeah, sorta short, but in my present mood, I’m not appreciative of this chapter right now.


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